12mm Frameless Glass Panels

Classical Staircases offers 12mm frameless glass panels to be used for pool fencing. We offer a variety of sizes for various sections of pool fencing.

Normal Panels

Code Width x 1200mm  
NP500 500mm 12mm
NP750 750mm 12mm
NP10 1000mm 12mm
NP11 1100mm 12mm
NP12 1200mm 12mm
NP13 1300mm 12mm
NP14 1400mm 12mm
NP15 1500mm 12mm
NP16 1600mm 12mm
NP17 1700mm 12mm
NP18 1800mm 12mm

Hinge Panels

Code Width x 1200mm  
HP10 1000mm 12mm
HP12 1200mm 12mm
HP14 1400mm 12mm
HP16 1600mm 12mm
HP18 1800mm 12mm

Latch Panels

Code Width x 1200mm  
LP10 1000mm 12mm
LP12 1200mm 12mm
LP14 1400mm 12mm
LP16 1600mm 12mm
LP18 1800mm 12mm

Gate Panels

Code Width x 1200mm  
GG750 Gate 750mm 12mm
GG850 Gate 850mm 12mm