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  • Classical Staircases offer a new range of DIY staircase systems that are a combination of easy assembly and suitable for any home.
  • Our DIY staircase systems are based on a central spine design (150 x 150 x 5.0mm) for maximum strength and heavy durability.
  • We have three main types of staircase systems which will suit either a straight, L shaped or U shaped stairwell. 
  • Our DIY staircase systems are equipped with pivoting treads which cater for all types of treads and heights that you may wish to install.
  • All our DIY staircase systems are made from Australian certified 304 grade stainless steel and go hand in hand with our DIY balustrading system.
  • We offer prompt availability for our DIY staircase systems.
  • For the home handyman our DIY staircase systems are hassle-free and easy to install or alternatively, our team of professional can install the staircase systems if required.

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